comp.sys.acorn.announce Website 

This is the brief and, hopefully, useful website for the comp.sys.acorn.announce newsgroup, a low-volume, moderated newsgroup for announcements relating to the world of RISC OS computing.

To submit an article to comp.sys.acorn.announce, use the submission form on this web site, email your submission to or, on a properly configured news server, simply post your message in the normal way. It will appear in the newsgroup after a short interval in which it is checked and approved by the moderators: for more detail on the submission and approval process, and information about the kind of posting suitable for csaa (the grounds on which moderators approve or reject postings), check the group charter.

The moderators of comp.sys.acorn.announce are Andrew Conroy (Moderator) and Nick Boalch (Backup Moderator). We would be pleased to read any of your comments or observations on csaa and the approval process, through the group request address